Welcome To Budget Cooking

On this website, I will show you delicious recipes you can make on a budget. Whether it is for one, or for many. Crockpot meals, Skillet Recipes, Vegetarian Delights, or tricks and tips to help you make the most out of your meals. Cooking on a budget can be fun as well as frugal. Join me as I cook and share secrets for the easiest recipes you’re going to love.

Budget Cooking can be a breeze if you remember to start with what you have in your kitchen. Buy only what you need when you need it. Use what you have from home first.

Make double when possible. One, for now, one for later (freeze it).

Pick a day and meal prep. Use this day to plan ahead and find out what is on the shelves. (shelf Cooking)

Plan your meals for the month, then do an inventory of what you have, in your freezers, pantry, and fridge, and then shop for only those things you need.

Use your slow cooker when possible. It makes things a lot easier. Plus you’ll have leftovers for the week (or to freeze for later).

Easy Calzones 2

Want a great Friday night T.V.dinner, Why not make homemade Calzones?

Bite-Sized Cheeseburger Cups

There’s nothing better than a bite-sized cheeseburger, kids love them. They’re fun and so tasty. Quick and easy. For at home or on the go. A great way to satisfy your kid’s craving. Great for parties and sleep-overs. Ingredients Directions

Love Tacos? Here’s A Great Seasoning Recipe

Looking for homemade taco seasoning? This recipe can be adjusted. Just use more or less, depending on your taste and preference. Learn how to make taco seasoning at home. Making your own taco seasoning is actually much cheaper. If your recipe calls for one packet of taco seasoning, that’s 3 tablespoons of homemade seasoning. Ingredients…

Cooking Is Easy

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